Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mozzarella from buffalo!

If you have plenty of buffalo milk, it is well and good and you will get a mozzarella cheese higher in its yield. But don't loose heart if you don't have that. We have cow milk all through out the globe. The composition of milk is very important to get the optimum clotting and better yield. The composition of cow milk does not suit the optimum composition that is required to prepare mozzarella.


We have to alter the composition of the cow milk in such a way that the ratio between casein and fat remains in the region of 06.8 - 0.70. This can be done either by adding the skim milk powder if the casein content is less or by adding cream or butter if the fat is lacking in percentage.

Different methods of Mozzarella making

Direct acidification method

Acidification is the prime requirement for cheese making and lactic acid is the major acid produced. This can be achieved by added or adventitious microorganisms or simply by adding lactic acid or some times citric acid extraneously.

In the direct acidification method, lactic or citric acid is added @ 15 ml of 20% lactic acid for every liter of milk. The temperature of the milk is kept at less than 5 degrees since it favors slow and steady clotting otherwise the yield and body & texture will be affected. Calcium chloride may be added a pinch to facilitate clotting; this is especially true for severely heat treated milk Then the temperature of milk is slowly raised till it is 60 degrees at which time the milk forms a coagulum.



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