Friday, March 14, 2008

Maalucheese - Started Rolling!

I have not updated this blog for quite a long time. But because of the slow but steady increase in the number of backlinks, this maalucheese has got a pagerank of 1. Just to make the going smooth, I have decided to update the contents. So here we go!

We will see some of the practical aspects of cheese making.

First we will take the simple cheese making process and take the preparation of mozzarella cheese.

The mozzarella has a great history and originated in the country Italy.

Initially buffalo milk was used in the cheese making process but because of non availability of buffalo milk everywhere compelled the cheese makers to device alternative methods by using the widely available cow milk.

Buffalo milk is available in most parts of Asia and some select parts of Europe. Hence, it can be better used in preparing the mozzarella cheese in these countries.



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